Thursday, February 28, 2008

Staying Legal When Finding Investors

I gave a presentation to the Urban Land Initiative Young Leaders Group yesterday on funding alternatives for entrepreneurs.

A slide I presented about a professional I know who solicited his email list to seek investors on behalf of a client (a securities law no-no), garnered a very strong reaction.
I fielded quite a number of questions about the legal ins and outs of finding investors.

I decided to set up a teleseminar as a follow-up for anyone who is interested in learning more details about "staying legal".

Tuesday, March 11 at 1PM EST
Deadly Legal Mistakes When Finding Investors
In this teleseminar we will cover:
  • How to find investors when you can't advertise/mass email.
  • Why there's a difference between finding "partners" and "investors".
  • The perils of getting family involved in your offering.
  • Finding investors by buying lists.
  • Troubles with paying a "finder" to help you raise capital.
  • What's an "Accredited Investors" & Reg D Basics.
If you are interested, email my assistant, Suzanne Greene, to register:


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