Friday, October 09, 2015

LexVid: The Cure for the CLE Blues

It's that time again. I just received my New York attorney renewal registration and along with it, a wave of dread about meeting my bi-annual CLE obligations.

As usual, I'm pretty short on credits, there's not much time to squeeze in a two-year cycle's worth of lectures, and I'm very determined to not have to file for an extension this year.

On the previous cycle I finished up some of my straggler CLE requirements using the online CLE provider LexVid. At the time LexVid's courses were free, but they've since changed to a pay program. Free is always good, but who can blame them for charging - you can't continue to provide high quality lectures and not get paid somehow.

LexVid offers several packages, including a 30-hour multistate package that will meet both my 24-hour New York requirement and my 30-hour, three-year requirement for Florida. The cost, just $89. A bargain for sure.

Plus they store my certificates in my account, so I don't need to deal with paper certificates.

My previous experience with LexVid was positive (which is why I am returning). The lectures were easy to access and were of reasonably good quality.

And while I am not quite looking forward to binge watching a bunch of lawyers ramble on about practice nuances as much as I did with Netflix's new series Narcos, LexVid does make the dreaded process a bit easier.

If you are in a jam to meet your CLE obligations, give them a look. It's a great value.


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